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Bangkok Beauty Show Rules & Regulations

Article 1 | Definition

  1. 1. "Exhibitor" refers to an exhibition exhibitor, such as an individual, company, institution or group, which has submitted the stipulated participation contract for participating in this Exhibition.
  2. 2. “Exhibition” refers to ‘Bangkok Beauty Show 2022'
  3. 3. “Organizer” refers to KINTEX in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, located 217-60.

Article 2 | Exhibition Application and Agreement

  1. 1. A party who intends to participate in the Exhibition shall fill out the application form, receive an invoice from the Organizer and pay the total participation fee by bank transfer in 7 business days.
  2. 2. If the exhibitor does not pay the participation fee within the deadline, the organizer may cancel the participation application and contract.
  3. 3. After the application form is submitted, if the KINTEX fails to approve the application in order to preserve the harmonious operation of the exhibition, the agreement shall not be in effect.

Article 3 | Assignment of Exhibition Booth

  1. 1. The Organizer has the right to set the basic booth location by following the exhibition items, exhibition area, and then assign the exhibitor’s booth location through lottery system.
    Re-participating companies in the same exhibition in the previous year have priority.
  2. 2. The Organizer may change the allocated booth location when deemed necessary regarding spacing harmony, viewing efficiency and exhibition effectiveness. Such changes will be at the discretion of the Organizer and are not subject to any objection by the exhibitor.

Article 4 | Exhibition Management

  1. 1. The Exhibitor shall display the items listed in the application and have a representative at the booth at all times.
  2. 2. If the Exhibitor displays items not listed in the application or if the displayed item does not fit the nature of the exhibition, or if the Exhibitor conducts direct sales without approval from the Organizer, the Organizer can require the Exhibitor to cease display, withdraw or dismantle the item in question. In such an event, the participation fee is not refundable, nor can the Exhibitor request compensation.
  3. 3. The Organizer has the right to prohibit individuals from the exhibition, if deemed necessary.
  4. 4. The Exhibitor cannot display exhibits other than the leased exhibition area without the organizer’s prior approval.
  5. 5. The Exhibitor cannot use non-designated areas or transfer a part to another person without the organizer’s written consent.
  6. 6. The Exhibitor who wants to hold an event within the exhibition hall should notify the organizer in advance and obtain approval, soliciting and loud activities are strictly prohibited. If it is judged that excessive noise or promotional activities of nearby booths is damaged, the organizer may request to stop the event, and the exhibitor should stop it on request.

Article 5 | Payment

  1. 1. The Exhibitor must submit the participation application contract to the Secretariat of the Exhibition or apply for online participation on the exhibition website.
  2. 2. The Exhibitor shall make a payment of the total participation fee in 7 business days after applying.
  3. 3. If the Exhibitor fails to pay 100% of the participation fee by the designated deadline, the Organizer may cancel the contract without refund. Such matters will be resolved according to Article 6, 7 in Rules and Regulations.

Article 6 | Cancellation of Exhibition/Alteration

  1. 1. In the event of cancellation of the exhibition, the participation fee paid will be refunded fully. But if the cancellation or the date of the exhibition has been changed or reduced due to force majeure or other special circumstances not attributable to the organizer, the fee will not be refunded. In this case, the exhibitor shall have no claim for compensation from the organizer.

Article 7 | Termination of the Agreement (Exhibition Cancellation) and Penalty

  1. 1. In case the Exhibitor cancels or reduces the scale after submitting the application for participation, the Exhibitor shall inform KINTEX and pay a penalty as described below within 15 days. The penalty will be deducted from the paid participation fee, and in the event of insufficient funds, the Exhibitor shall pay the additional amount, with any surplus to be returned to the Exhibitor.
    • Cancellation or scale down before September 04, 2022: Payment of 50% of the participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
    • Cancellation or scale down from September 05, 2022, to October 04, 2022: Payment of 80% of the participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
    • Cancellation or scale down after October 05, 2022: Payment of 100% of the participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
    ※ The penalty amount does not include VAT, No separate issuance of tax invoices

Article 8 | Display of Item

  1. 1. The Exhibitor shall complete installment, entrance and display of the items by the designated date. In case of items not being displayed by 8 pm on Dec 14, 2022, the Organizer has the right to temporarily cancel the Exhibitor's participation in the Exhibition and request compensation.
  2. 2. Installation can take place from 9 AM to 7 PM. If additional working hours are required, an application for additional work shall be submitted with the Organizer subject to additional charges.

Article 9 | Restoration

  1. 1. The Exhibitor may not take out the exhibits before the end of the exhibition.
  2. 2. The Exhibitor may take out all exhibits and equipment within the specified period, and in case of delay in taking out, the organizer must compensate the organizer for all expenses (exhibitor additional fee for use of the exhibition hall, repair cost for damage, etc).
  3. 3. The Exhibitor must completely restore the original state within the exhibition period when the construction is carried out in the exhibition hall. If the restoration to the original state is insufficient or the restoration to the original state is not completed within the period, the organizer will dispose of it arbitrarily, and the expenses incurred for this shall be borne by the exhibitor.

Article 10 | Security and Safety

  1. 1. The Organizer shall take the proper actions to secure the safety of the Exhibitor and visitors.
  2. 2. The Exhibitor is fully liable for any damages or losses that occurred during the preparation, the Exhibition itself and while dismantling is taking place.
  3. 3. If the Exhibitor intentionally causes a fire, damage, loss or another accident resulting in damage or losses to the Organizer or any 3rd party, the Exhibitor shall be held fully liable for covering the costs of all damaged materials and items.

Article 11 | Fire Safety

  1. 1. All materials and items must be fire resistant according to the safety regulations.
  2. 2. The Organizer may ask the Exhibitor for modifications to the display for the sake of fire prevention if deemed necessary.

Article 12 | Amendment

  1. 1. The Organizer reserves the right to modify at any time the provisions of the present rules & regulations; the Exhibitor shall comply with the modifications.
  2. 2. The supplementary provisions will become an integral part of the Rules on Participation in Exhibition which the Exhibitor will agree.
  3. 3. The Exhibitors must comply with the regulations of the Organizer and the general regulations of BITEC.

Article 13 | Disputes

  1. 1. Regarding any disputes that may arise concerning the interpretation of the present rules & regulations, the dispute shall be put forward to competent court in South Korea. The Exhibitor agrees that the competent court being Goyang Branch of Uijeongbu District Court and that the litigation being held in the Korean language.